Thursday, February 05, 2009

My Kingdom for a Cup of Coffee

This morning, I am headed to my doctor’s office to have blood taken for some tests; nothing serious, just routine maintenance now that I am old. The tests required that I eat nothing after eight o’clock last night which was no big deal since I generally try not to eat late, anyway.

Unfortunately, the whole fasting for twelve hours thing also means that I have had to start my day off without my usual two cups of half-caf and, people? I am apparently addicted to the habit of having my two cups of half-caf in the morning because, right now; I want that coffee so bad I can’t even tell you.

Me thinks it might be time to start weaning myself from even the half-caf.

In other news, a water main in our neighborhood broke yesterday, leaving us without water until 7:00 last night. You never really appreciate a fully-functioning kitchen faucet until you no longer have one and, the importance of toilets that actually flush? I’m not even going to go there.

Changing the subject to less shitty news (Ok, I went there); Hugh was invited to officiate at the State wrestling tournament again this year. He is quite proud of himself and, rightly so.

Unfortunately, the tournament falls on the weekend before The Girl’s 13th birthday (I just threw up in my mouth a little) and, she really doesn’t want to spend it in Denver watching sweaty boys roll around on a mat. I can’t say that I blame her, so; while Hugh travels to Denver, The Girl and I will host four of her best friends at a sleep-over complete with a shopping excursion to neighboring city, dinner, a slew of horror movies courtesy of Netflix and chocolate-chip pancakes in the morning.

I can hardly wait; I’m thinking of investing in a really good set of earplugs.

Or a prescription for Xanax.

Although, right now, I would totally settle for a really good cup of coffee.


  1. Happy for Hugh.. tell him we will be there for the finals, might be on the lower level this year sitting with Broomfield..would love to say HI at least!!! Sad you won't be coming with!!! I would love to spend the weekend with you!!!!!

  2. I can't function without my morning coffee. And it's fully leaded for me. With French Vanilla creamer. I could drink it all day except then my heart would probably explode from my chest.