Monday, August 29, 2011

Define" Blood Relation"

A while back, a meme made it's way around Facebook; the meme asked whom on your Friends list you had known the longest and, blood relations didn't count. I didn't participate in the game because I'm not cool like that. Also, I couldn't decide which of two of my friends deserved the designation, Phoebe or Melis, both of whom I have known since grade school.

This weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting both women for two days of reminiscing, laughter, Girl Talk and frank discussions about the state of our economy and the misfortunes of the human condition by which I of course mean; the price of good denim vs. cheap denim and just what makes reality show contestants so pathetic. For the record, we arrived at no set conclusions.

While we were solving the world's problems from the comfort of the front porch (answer: wine), our children were perfecting their mad chalk graffiti skilz on the driveway and, I'm pleased to report; Phoebe's youngest son is totally ready for his audition for the inevitable sequel to the recent Smurf movie.

Also, between four inquisitive boys and one adorable tomboy, a plethora of wildlife was discovered-and captured-in our yard. This includes, frogs, Leaf Bugs, Praying Mantises (Praying Manti? I have no idea), Rolly-Pollies and, the neighbors' cat, the latter of which was returned to its' rightful owners with a stern lecture from the Man-Cub who was quite dismayed at the discovery of a fairly gnarly wound on the poor animal's thigh.

Because the weekend gathering was planned around a Jeans Party (Melis is a consultant for Vault Denim), we of course tried on about a zillion pairs of jeans between us and I have arrived at the following conclusions:

-It is far more fun to shop for quality denim from the comfort of one's own home than from under the harsh lights of a department store dressing room.

- Wine makes the process infinitely more bearable (and, humorous).

- Teenaged girls look good in everything, the bitches. Not really (ok, sort of).

- Also, I have the best friends in the world. I have long suspected this but; it's always nice to have your theories proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. 

Before the weekend was over, The Teenager and I owned awesome new jeans, Jana, Melis and Phoebe had bonded like Super Glue and The Teenager had managed to pawn her hamsters off on Phoebe's children (Thanks for visiting our home! Your parting gift is a cage of rodents. You're welcome!).

We did not, however, manage to answer the question of whom I have known longer, Phoebe or Melis.

Additional research on the matter may be required.


  1. You know what sucks too about the teenagers looking good in everything? You don't even realize it when you are there!

  2. All I can say is we have know each other LONG enough to not have had time to breathe inbetween conversations!!! I loved every minute of it and wished I could partake in PORCH NIGHT alll the time!! Cheers!! You and the family were awesome hosts!!!!!