Monday, August 08, 2011

They Really Should Serve Juice and Cookies at These Things

Today I went to the school to open a vein register the children for the new year. Once we tallied up the fees for special courses, activity cards, yearbooks, sports and a new gym uniform, I was lucky to escape the office with a drop of blood left in my entire body any money left at all. At least I didn't pass out; that shit is embarrassing.

***Side Rant***

How is it possible to lose a PE uniform? A uniform that a child is required to wear every day of the week? That has to be hard, right? Especially considering that the child was required to leave the uniform in his, or her (although NOT BLOODY LIKELY), PE locker except for when it was being laundered which, never actually happened because the child in question, "forgot" to bring the uniform home for that weekly washing, anyway. Now, how could that uniform just disappear?

Oh, obviously walked away on it's own, no doubt due to the lack of weekly laundering. I get it, now. Never mind, let's get back to our previously scheduled program...

****End Rant***

Anyhoodle, the kids are now officially registered, Hugh and I are officially broke and I am inexplicably craving orange juice and sugar cookies.

And, also, wondering why a certain child never actually bothered to tell me that his (or her, although not bloody likely) PE uniform had up and walked away from his locker last year.

Maybe I'll just go ahead and pass out, anyway.

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