Saturday, December 24, 2011

25 Days of Christmas, Day 24: Appetizer Picks

Greetings from Mayberry where the temperature hovers at 10 below zero, snow drifts cover the streets, and twelve of the jolliest people you ever met are dining on eggnog french toast, eggs and bacon that have been short-order cooked by the best grandma ever to wield a spatula.

A multitude of packages encircle a festively decorated tree, angels and Santa figurines adorn every available surface, a Christmas Eve prime rib stands ready for the oven while a turkey awaits its' appointment with the oven, tomorrow.

Plans for this evening include a car ride to see the lights, the annual making of popcorn balls, and eating appetizers and sweet treats numerous enough to feed a small nation because; I come by my tendency to bake during the holidays quite naturally.

Speaking of appetizers, I recently entered the realm of home crafting, which is something that I rarely do. What resulted was a slew of appetizer picks that I will be giving away as hostess gifts for years. On the up-side, I will never arrive at a party empty-handed.

The appetizer picks were simple to make, consisting of household items and beads from a craft store...

Turkey lacers  (I found mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond, 99 cents for 6)
Elmer's china glue
beads and spacers
needle nose pliers

Using the needle nose pliers, bend the top end of a turkey lacer into a hook (unless your lacer comes pre-hooked at the top). Slide your choice of beads, spacer, etc. onto lacer, being careful not to stab yourself (blood is a total turn-off). When you have achieved your desired design, hold lacer upside down and apply a small line of china glue around the final bead. Allow to dry (hanging upside down, if possible). And, wa-la, appetizer picks to stick in your loved ones stockings. But, not like, literally, remember; blood is a total turn-off.

Yep, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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