Friday, October 26, 2012

A Haunting We Will Go

We just got back from visiting a haunted house in Neighboring City. As haunted houses go, this one was ok. Not great, but, a solid seven on a scale from one to ten. The fact that we didn't have to wait in line for hours prior to entering the house was a huge plus as was the distinct-and notable-lack of chainsaw exhaust fumes. Oh, there was a chainsaw, of course; there just weren't nearly as many fumes as were present in last year's haunted house. My head appreciated the absence.

Tomorrow, Hugh and the Man-Cub are going hunting. When they return, however, we are planning to visit the corn maze and pumpkin patch located just down the road from us. This excursion will come not a moment too soon since we really need to get jack-o-lanterns carved before next Wednesday.

In surprisingly related news, the daisies on my front porch finally succumbed to the frost last night. Today they are blackened and withered, which, honestly, adds to the creep factor on the front porch, so, I'm not complaining. And, really, those flowers lasted a long, long time; it was time for them to give up the ghost.

Get it? Ghost? Bringing it full circle because that's how I roll.

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