Thursday, October 25, 2012

There's One In Every Class

I finished the last day of a four-day training, today. The content of the training was interesting and informative and the instructor is top in his field (literally), so, his time management of the class was super-efficient; efficient enough, in fact, to wrap things up almost an hour earlier than we had expected.

Which, would have been great, had it not been for the woman who raised her hand when the instructor asked the class if there were any parting questions. You know this woman, I know you do; she's been in one (or all) of the classes that you have taken.

She's the one who has a comment for every statement. The one who asks questions that require long explanations that she has a really, really hard time grasping. The one who asks for clarification of every direction and who launches into long, drawn-out stories when the instructor asks for brief examples from the class.

Yeah, her.

So. Instead of leaving the training an hour early, we left half an hour early. And, yes, that's still earlier than we had expected to leave but come on.

Just once I want to go to a class and not have to deal with that woman. Or, that man, because, let's be honest; sometimes, that person is a man.

In the end, though, I guess the best that we can do is to try never to be that person. Or, that if we are that person, that our fellow classmates will grant us some patience and not mentally roast us over an open fire with an apple in our mouths.

Not that I do that.

I'm just saying.

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  1. Anonymous10:07 AM

    The fun part is to try and pick out "that person" when the class first assembles. Because there is ALWAYS someone just like you described.

    When the instructor asks "Are there any final questions?" I comment, "Nope, I'm good, thanks for a great class" and I go. If Asky McQuestion-it wants to go on for another hour about simple shit - let 'em. I got it the first time.

    It helps to mumble something about 'plane flight' or 'long drive' too.