Friday, October 05, 2012

The Little Flowers That Could

When I plucked a flat of half-priced Gerber Daisies from the clearance isle of the Hellmouth in late May, I had no idea whether or not they would survive in my porch pots. Not only did they survive, they flourished.

We have enjoyed a steady stream of colorful blooms since the day that I first planted the daisies and, since I had paid fairly good attention to the varieties that I chose; the flowers have accompanied the colors of my porch decor through three seasons.

Recently, the evenings have gotten quite chilly and I fully expected the daisies to give up the ghost; to whither and die, but, instead, they have surged forward in one last show of blossoms and color.

I am now sold on the idea of planting daisies again next spring. I just hope I get as screaming good of a deal as I got this year.

Oh, I don't expect to, but a girl can hope.

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