Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dear February, Thanks For Not Being Such a Bitch This Year

I can't believe that February is almost over; it went by so quickly this year. I'm sure my perception is skewed somewhat by the fact that I actually slept through every night this month, as opposed to not sleeping at all the past several Februarys (Februaries? How does one create February, plural?), but, frankly, I don't care; I can finally say that I didn't completely detest an entire calendar month and that feels pretty damn good.

In addition, the weather here in Petticoat Junction has been really nice the past few days. So nice, in fact, I almost busted out the open-toed shoes. Almost. Instead, I opted to wear short sleeves as a way to slowly ease myself into the spring spirit. Plus, I didn't want to jinx myself or to give Mother Nature a reason to smite me for my hubris, which, we all know she will if I get too cocky with the polka-dot espadrilles.

And, I can't have Mother Nature smite me with an early-spring snowstorm because I am planning to drive to Denver the second weekend in March to spend some quality time with my girls. I need that Girl Time, and, while I am totally willing to drive through a blizzard to get it, I would much prefer nice weather.

So, I will continue to wear my winter wardrobe for just a titch longer as I eagerly await the start of a new month. But, I won't be cursing the current month as it takes its' leave of us, and that's a huge improvement for me.


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