Wednesday, February 05, 2014

There Is Safety in Numbers

Yesterday, a friend posted to Facebook the desire to rescue her child from school for the sole purpose of building a snowman before the snow melted. I jokingly replied that she was welcome to use the copious amounts of snow in my yard since I was only recently bemoaning the lack of desire that my children currently display when it comes to building snowmen; my yard, it was lacking a joyous tribute to youth!

My friend and her young son took me up on my offer, stealthily sneaking onto to property to build me not just one snowman, but, an army of snowmen.

It was awesome, and, I wish that I could capture just how awesome in photos, but, alas; I am not that talented.

I am, however, completely safe from hordes of zombie snowmen, thanks to my very own personal army.

Also, Hugh is going to be picking rocks out of the lawn well into the summer.

It's a small price to pay for our well-being.

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