Thursday, February 27, 2014

Scholarship Applications Will Be the Death of Me

The Teenager has been frantically working on applications for college scholarships, which, shouldn't involve me, yet, it does. Of course it does. I want her to feel confident in the essays she must submit, so, I have been proofreading for her. She has done a really good job and I am proud of the effort she has put forth, regardless of the outcome.

Now, if there were only some way to convince her of that. Instead, she is a balled up coil of angst; certain that her best efforts will fall short. I swear, it's like she thinks her college education is going to put us into the poorhouse, which is a ridiculous thing for her to worry about.

Only I'm allowed to worry about that.

Anyway, the applications are signed, sealed, and ready for postage, so, at least we can take a small breath before turning our attention to planning the grad party, ordering the grad announcements, and preparing ourselves to let the first bird fly the nest.

On second thought, maybe I would rather stress over scholarship applications after all.

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