Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back at It

I have been hard at work, catching up on the things that I missed while I was enjoying my time in Mayberry, and, frankly, I am ready for another vacation; this working shit is for the birds.

I would much rather be in Mayberry, hanging out at the lake with my bestie while our sons fish. I would rather be chaperoning those sons at their first Stampede dance, even when a girl seven years older than the Cub pulls him out on the dance floor, earning his grandfather's pride and the title of honorary Cougar Hunter. I would rather wake up with a slight headache caused by imbibing in just slightly too much blackberry beer than spend another minute at my desk making dozens of minute changes to an annual report that is due on Friday.

I would just much rather be having fun, I mean, obviously.

But, here I am, making those changes and handling the chores that come with running a home, chores like cooking (roasted root vegetables from the garden tonight), laundry (who knew we could go through so many clothes during a week?), cleaning (neverfuckingending, I swear), and working really hard at keeping some semblance of organization in my cupboards, fridge, closets, and drawers.

Really, really important stuff, for sure.

With any luck, we will have some fun this weekend, although, the annual Corn Festival takes place this Saturday which could throw a wrench in those plans. I would take a day on the lake over a visit to the local park, for certain. And, if we don't get some time on the lake soon, we won't have a chance again before The Teenager goes to college, which, happens on August 20th, just two days after the Cub starts his sophomore year in high school.

Time is moving at warp speed these days. I don't recommend it.

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