Friday, July 18, 2014

This Post Sponsored by KBtiedye

Ha! Just kidding! I don't do sponsored posts. But! If I were to break that very sacred personal rule, I would do it for this small business and it's fabulous proprietors. How could I not? I birthed one of them and have had the privilege of watching the other one grow from an awkward Middle Schooler to a gorgeous High School grad. So, yes, they would be the recipients of my advertising space, if I provided such a thing.

Although I don't, I do feel the need to document the fact that these lovely ladies have started a tie dye business that has provided a modest income upon which they have each managed to eke out a living. And, by a living, I mean that they have been able to finance their summer entertainment without begging a parent for money. Win-win!

Also, watching them meticulously document the expenses vs. profits from the business has been entertaining for me, as has watching their creativity grow and their delight in their achievements shine in their faces. And, not just when they are waving around the twenty dollar bills that they get for each of their creations.

Although they certainly are enjoying the profits.

Their delight is almost enough to make me overlook the giant mess that they make of my house during the creative process, which, now that I think about it; shouldn't I be getting a cut of the profits since I am providing their workspace?

Huh. I think I might have a negotiating point.

Anyway....KBtiedye...your one-stop shopping experience for Colorado tie dye. You heard it here, first.

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