Friday, March 22, 2019

Friday Favorites: Life After Maui Edition

Despite the title of this post, I promise it is not all about Maui. In fact, I'll start off with something that most definitely does not relate to sand, sea, and sunshine...

...nor is it actually a favorite, in fact; it's not a favorite at all. But, it is the reality of springtime in Colorado, so, perhaps you'll forgive me for focusing, at least a little bit, on some awesome things from Hawaii.

I'll start with the jewelry I purchased in Maui, including these necklaces from the Alex & Ani store in Whalers Village...

...and, this inexpensive ankle bracelet that I picked up at one of the ABC Stores.

Pedicure: OPI, Teal the Cows Come Home, another favorite!

The turtles on the bracelet symbolize all of the turtles that we saw on the island, speaking of which; the Man-Cub finally got around to sending me screen shots from his GoPro, featuring the turtles that we saw while snorkeling at Turtle Town.

And, speaking of the Man-Cub, this is one of my favorite pictures of him from Maui, not just because it is a great shot, but, because it captures him doing something that we both love.

And, because I can't feature one kid without giving the other two their due; here are my favorite shots of the girls, taken on Maui...

Now, for things that have nothing to do with Maui.

I found this on my desk when I got back from vacation...'s nice to know that my I was missed, and, coworker Erin is always a favorite.

Speaking of my coworkers; our team won the quarterly corporate-wide wellness contest! We got these ridiculous medals, despite having been led to believe that there would be a trophy. I really wanted  trophy, damnit!

Also, while I was gone, my FunFitFab box arrived and my coworkers thought it would be fun to punk me by replacing all the items in the box with random office supplies. It was pretty funny, despite being, you know, a felony.

Once I got my items back, I was intrigued by these serums; one for the lashes and one to reduce under-eye bags.

 I've been using them both regularly and, my bags definitely appear to be diminishing (this, despite a wicked head cold that I picked up on the flight home). I can't vouch for the lash serum yet; it takes several weeks, and, in some cases, up to two months, to see results on that one (according to everything I've read on the interwebs).

Also pictured above: the new Naked Palette by Urban Decay. Love it!

Lastly, this military jacket, layered with a stripey shirt and a tiered necklace; this is a spring look that I can totally get behind.

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