Monday, March 25, 2019

That's What Friends Are For

I spent all day Saturday on the couch, trying desperately to kick this head cold to the curb. I'm now convinced that it has morphed into an infection that is slowly eroding my sinuses and marching toward my brain matter.

I really hope it doesn't kill me.

In cheerier news, last night, we hosted Chris and Jana for an impromptu steak dinner. I wasn't feeling much better, but, they've been out of town so often with their trucking business; I have to grab any opportunity I get to see my friend. So, I threw caution to the wind (along with about fifty soiled tissues), and rolled out the red carpet.

Except, about an hour before they were set to arrive, when I went into a mini panic attack about the state of my house, specifically the horrendous amount of pet hair that has accumulated recently (Rosie is on injured reserve, awaiting a replacement motor box and I am clearly too lazy to pull out the big guns).

I thought about sweeping but then I remembered that this is Jana; if I were to point out the fact that my floors were covered in enough pet hair to form an additional small dog, she'd enthusiastically agree to help with the construction of one and, then, offer to craft it a hair bow from the lint in my dryer.

Jana no currr about the cleanliness of my house; Jana just want to drink wine and laugh until she needs to pee.

I love my Jana.

So, I avoided the vacuum and rested instead, and, we had a lovely dinner, during which Jana totally took my mind off the fact that there are bacterial cannibals preparing to eat my brains.

Now, that's a true friend.

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