Monday, April 29, 2019

It Was a Marvel-ous Weekend

See what I did there?

So, obviously, we finally, finally saw Avengers Endgame on Saturday night; I say finally because, the feat required us to stand in a line snaking for two blocks around the theater, just to get our seats (we had tickets, but seats are on a first come, first serve basis here in podunk Hooterville), and included a thirty-minute delay to the start of the movie so that idiots in the concession lines could get their Milk Duds. Now, I know that theaters make their profit off concessions, but, come on! Endgame!

The movie was absolutely worth the wait, the price of admission, and the annoyance of watching it with three hundred other anxious fans! It was a beautiful wrap-up of a story arc that built up over 11 years and 22 movies; the ending was satisfying, each character got the send-off that they deserved, and, SPOILER ALERT...they finally acknowledged what I have known all along: This IS America's Ass.

And this is why he is my imaginary boyfriend

That's my kind of movie.

In other marvelous weekend news, Hugh and I installed curtain rods on the porch. I am now 100% Porch Night ready, despite the fact that Mother Nature is still being a whiny bitch, and, pissed all over my happiness with bullshit winds and rain, yesterday.

We'll get there, eventually.

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