Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Memorial Day Weekend 2020, Day Three

I have to go back to work today, y'all; insert every sad emoji known to man here.

On the bright side, yesterday was another truly amazing day. Hugh, the Man-Cub, Mikey, Kenzie, Craig, and I went four-wheeling in the mountains outside of Pixler (Mama Jill was working, because wildland fires don't recognize Memorial Day and someone's gotta dispatch the firemen to fight them. Boo!).

The three-hour ride took us from the bottom of the dessert floor, up through the scrub oak, and into the aspen and pines before ending at a reservoir, where we ate lunch before turning around and starting the trip in reverse.

It was a very enjoyable day, despite the minor sunburn that I managed to get on my right hand (just the hand! WTF?) and the soreness created by the kidney-jarring nature of riding on the bitch-seat on Hugh's four-wheeler. I think we all know that I will take a day of kidney-jarring over a day at work, anytime.

Anyhoodle, how about some pictures!

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