Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Well, This Doesn't Suc(culent)

I've really been having a hard time finding flowers for my porch this year. The local nursery that I used to patronize each spring changed hands last year and the new owners converted to hemp production, so, no petunias to be found in that greenhouse anymore.

The nursery in Hooterville does have bedding plants, but, they tend to be hella-expensive, and, when I was there last weekend, I was uninspired by the color options and by the appearance of the flowers in general, so, I left empty handed.

Luckily, I found a number of fun succulents at Home Depot, so, I decided to change things up a bit this year...

...I'm still on the lookout for a few ready-made flower pots for the porch, but, in the meantime, this planter doesn't suck.

It doesn't suck at all.

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