Sunday, May 31, 2020

When Things Are Going Along Swimmingly and Then They Turn Into a Shit Show...

Yesterday started off so promisingly! Hugh, Queen B, Katie, Boomer Dog, and I set sail on the Sea Chelle for a fun day on the lake to celebrate Katie's birthday.

The weather was fair, I packed a delicious lunch, and we were fully prepared to relax on the boat for the majority of the day.

A couple of hours into our float, the skies turned grey and the wind picked up. This is usually something that we can ride out without too much concern, but, when the lightning began to flash, we knew it was time to pull off the lake. In hindsight, the ominous weather should have been my first clue that things were taking a turn toward Shit Town.

We had no sooner reached the point where we get a decent signal for our cell phones when the notifications came rolling in on my phone. Voice mails, text messages, and more voice mails and text messages. Apparently, there was a need for an emergency interview and exam at New Job and I needed to get my ass back to Hooterville to get the team organized (I am on call pretty much 24/7, 365 days of the year. Without pay. Awesome).

I got to the center in record time and we got the show on the road, despite the fact that, once all of the details were known, it ended up being less emergent than law enforcement had led us to believe. In fact, it could have, and should have, been scheduled for regular business hours. Since we were there, however, we pressed on, finally finishing up at 8:00 pm.

While I was working, I had my phone on silent, which is why I then missed numerous calls and text messages from Queen B and Hugh, letting me know that she had been in an accident on her way back to Neighboring City. Thankfully, it was a minor fender-bender, courtesy of some hillbilly jackass who clearly doesn't know how to drive. And, thankfully, Hugh was able to get to her immediately to talk her through it, but, still; I failed as a mother because I was preoccupied with an emergency that wasn't actually an emergency at a job that I am increasingly growing to understand is not where I wish to be.

Not quite sure what to do with that yet, but, clearly something will need to be done.

Anyhoodle, Queen B is mostly fine (not quite sure how much more crap she can handle; this is her third accident in three years and only one of them was in any way her fault, plus, you know, life, it's thrown her some curve balls and she is both mentally and emotionally fried). I now know that I can never go anywhere that I won't have cell service (as long as I have this job, anyway), and, I definitely don't like the view here in Shit Town.

Thank God for wine.

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