Monday, May 18, 2020

Pomp and Circumstance, Pandemic Style

The Petticoat Junction Senior class of 2020 graduated yesterday in what I imagine can only be described as the most surreal experience of their young lives. They didn't get the ceremony on the football field of the High School. They didn't get the speeches by the valedictorian and school board president. They didn't get the two-by-two processional into the stadium. They didn't even get their actual diplomas-just empty covers and the promise of the diploma to arrive in the mail.

But, they did get a parade attended by a community that loves them and their families, which, I guess will have to do.

In true small town style, the parade included every type of vehicle known to country folk, including pickup trucks, classic convertibles, all-terrain vehicles, and, just to keep things exciting, a fire engine and a stage coach. Actually, the only small-town parade staple not represented was a tractor. I'm actually kind of surprised.

Anyhoodle, the kids are now officially graduated and, with any luck, will get their long-awaited Grad Night party at some point later this summer, mere days before they all disperse to the four corners of the globe in search of their future lives.

My thoughts, prayers, and congratulations go with them.

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