Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Mother of All Good Weekends

Happy Mother's Day, y'all! If you are a mother, I hope you've been spoiled appropriately. If you have a mother, and, you're fortunate enough to have been able to spend the day with her, then I hope you spoiled her accordingly. I missed being with my Mom today and I am very much looking forward to making it up to her at some point in the (I hope) not too distant future.

As for being spoiled myself, I can definitely vouch for the efforts of my offspring and their father. This morning, I awoke to a fabulous home cooked breakfast of bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns. I was also showered with gifts, including an awesome wine cooler, a bottle of wine to go with it, a live basil plant, gift cards to two of my favorite businesses, and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Then, later in the afternoon, Hugh planted a new hydrangea in my flowerbed while I sipped wine on the porch. I feel quite loved.

Of course, the most important thing is that I had both of the kids here with me to celebrate. Queen B arrived yesterday, and, we got to spend the whole day doing girlie things, including a visit to the local nursery, where we wandered the gardens in search of the perfect tomato plants (and, where Queen B picked up my basil plant and I eyed the hydrangea).

We were headed to Target, when we discovered that Marshalls had finally, finally opened again, and, let me tell you, friends; a celebration was in order.

I am now fully restocked on Sand + Fog candles, discounted make-up removing wipes, new undies, and a couple of new pieces for my wardrobe. Mama is happy. And, we all know that if mama ain't happy, ain't no one happy, so...

...all is well.

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