Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Weekend Report: Featuring a Trip to the Market, No Mask Required

 Yesterday, Kristi, Erin, and I went to the Hooterville Farmers Market. It was the first time that I have gone to the market this summer, and, I'm kind of sorry that I hadn't made the effort, sooner. With temperatures approaching triple-digits, it was really nice to be able to peruse fruits and vegetable without wearing a mask (on a hot day like that, not even the siren call of air conditioning can entice me into a store while wearing the damn thing). The Market did a great job of spacing the vendor booths out, and, our fellow market enthusiasts were great about maintaining six feet of distance, so I didn't feel at all endangered while I shopped.

I purchased a couple of bunches of beets, which I am planning to either roast, or, to have Hugh grill. I haven't had beets since I grew them in my garden the year before last, and, I'm looking forward to their sweet earthiness.

Erin and Kristi purchased some local lettuce and then spent a good deal of time chatting up their fellow chicken-owners (their own chickens just started laying, finally) and chasing down-and petting- every blessed dog at the market (and, folks, there were a lot of dogs at the market).

Before we left the market, I introduced the girls to one of Petticoat Junction's finest farmers, who, happens to be a friend of ours; he, in turn, introduced us to garbanzo beans, fresh off the vine, in their pods (I had no idea that was how garbanzo beans grew! Learn something new every day!).

After the market, we grabbed a quick lunch at a family-owned Italian place before parting ways so that The Lesbians could make it to an appointment to test-drive new cars. 

They ended up buying the perfect car for themselves, and, now they are saddled with another car payment, just like 99.999% of all red-blooded Americans. I feel like I've had a front-row seat to watching them both become adults and that's really pretty cool.

When I got home, I decided to beat the heat by reading on the porch. Boomer Dog spent the majority of the afternoon by my side, except for the part where he very sneakily left the porch and raided my tomato plants, eating the two largest tomatoes off the vine. I had been waiting for ages for those tomatoes to get red, and I am very disappointed in my canine.

His punishment may include wearing a mask to his next grooming. I haven't decided yet.

I spent the evening in the bathtub, trying to soak away the gnawing, nagging aches and pains that seem to be part and parcel of growing older (that, or they exist because I have taken zero care of myself recently. Probably that).

This morning, I was awakened at 7:00 by a phone call from a detective in need of the services that we provide at New Job, so I got to spend several hours organizing and providing that. Then, when that crisis was firmly in hand, I got to spend another several hours at the Hardware store, catching up on my bookkeeping duties (what can I say? I am living the dream over here). 

Now, I should be doing laundry, but, that would require a functioning washer and dryer, and, as I mentioned in a post several days ago; I am currently awaiting the delivery of such a beast (latest update: Could be mid-September. Could be mid 2021. Who knows? Adulting is fun!). On the bright side, I have enough clothing to tide me over for a good long while, and, when I am finally desperate, I can always throw myself on the mercy of The Lesbians, Queen B, or Emily, all of whom have functioning appliances.

So, in lieu of laundering my unmentionables, the rest of the day (and, of the weekend) will be spent making spaghetti and meatballs, catching up on Yellowstone and Big Brother, possibly soaking in a hot bath (still aching like it's my job over here), and wracking my brain for ideas for the Man-Cub's first care package of the year (I'm thinking Jailbreak; for when he finally gets out of quarantine).

Tomorrow begins another super-stressful week at New Job (although, I guess technically, that started today). I am really looking forward to the day when I don't have to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for a daily battle (could be mid-November, could be mid 2021! Again, adulting is fun!).

On the bright side, after tomorrow, there are only four more days to the weekend!

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