Monday, August 03, 2020

Ok, August


One month closer to putting 2020 in the rear view.

I can live with that.

My August started off in the company of some of my favorite people in the world, and, I have zero complaints about that.

On Friday, I made the drive to Mayberry. The day was glorious, with the kind of beauty that can only be found in Colorado in the summertime. I ran into road work, which required me to idle in a long line of traffic for a few minutes, and, rather than get cranky about it, I took the opportunity to look at the beauty surrounding me. Not just to look at it, but to see it. I definitely haven't taken enough time for that this summer, so it was an overdue exercise. 

Once I got to Mayberry, Mom and I went to lunch at one of her favorite Mexican restaurants. It was the first time she had been there since before the shutdown, and, I'm happy that we were able to go. My chicken taco salad wasn't the very best that I have ever eaten (that award will forever go to Old Tymers Cafe in Durango), but, it was ok.

We spent the rest of the day just enjoying each other's company, hunkered down in the house, with Netflix and good conversation. I needed that; chilling with my Mom, recharging my mental and emotional batteries.

Saturday morning, I slept in far later than a body has any business sleeping, but, I attribute that to my physical batteries also requiring a long, slow charge. When I did finally get up, I sipped coffee with Mom until lunchtime, when we ordered delivery from the Chinese place in town. Then, feeling fully energized and ready to face the day; I met with Reese and Phoebe for a short, easy "hike" (quotation marks because, due to me not packing the appropriate footwear, it was more of a slightly uphill walk, which I could accomplish in flip-flops).

The day was beautiful, not terribly hot, and, with the looming threat of rain just off to the east and west of us.

The exercise did me well, and the conversation with old friends did me better. I love these Girls of mine; they never fail to lift me up, to make me laugh, to dry my tears, and to encourage me to follow my heart and to be the best version of myself that I can be.

They also totally share my dark sense of humor, as evidenced by our simultaneous declaration that, upon coming across a lone, abandoned boot, there surely had to be a body somewhere.

After our "hike" (again with the quotation marks), we grabbed discounted Happy Hour drinks from the Sonic and parted ways until later that night, when we reconvened at Phoebe's for a delicious dinner of pork ribs, homefried potatoes (shout out to Phoebe's hubby who, not only cooked those 'taters, but grew them!), and a broccoli salad that Phoebe's daughter threw together for us.

We then spent the next several hours sipping Limoncello spritzers, watching old movies, and reminiscing about our college years. It was just what I needed.

Because we are old (relatively speaking), we finished up before 10:00, and I went back to Mom's, where I spent the better part of an hour catching up with my younger sister via Facetime. 

Sunday morning, I slept in, not nearly as late as the day before, but, still obviously needed. Then I had coffee with Mom before making the drive back to Petticoat Junction, where, the minute I had cell service, I was greeted with a call regarding another shitstorm at New Job.

Le sigh.

Today, I am still technically "off", although I started fielding text messages from my staff at 8:02. I have also participated in a Zoom conference call and checked emails. What? That isn't how you spend your precious personal time?

I also need to go into the hardware store, and, there is always housework to be done, so, all that extra rest and mental downtime that I got this weekend will most definitely be exhausted by Wednesday.

I really need to find a way off this hamster wheel we call life. Time to buy a lottery ticket, me thinks.

Anyhoodle, August! Yay.

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