Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Birthday Fiesta in a Box: Care Package #1,265,673 (Kidding!)

 The Man-Cub turns 22 tomorrow.



That's....crazy. I mean, he was born just yesterday...

...and, I digress.

So, what do you get when you turn 22 and you live on an island thousands of miles away from the woman who gave you life? That's right; party in a box!

This particular party has a Mexican theme, inspired by this tiny little personal-sized taco pinata. True story. I saw it in the birthday party section at the Hellmouth and it was all downhill from there.

Also included in the box is just about everything the Cub will need to throw himself a little fiesta. Or, to make himself some burritos. When you are a broke college student, they are one and the same.

In the Box:

-Personal Taco Pinata, filled with candy, because, of course!

-Taco Bell T-shirt

-XBox Charging Station, for party games

-Apple watch band

-Tiny Buzz Lightyear keychain, because I love him infinity and beyond, naturally

-Bluetooth Speaker, cleverly disguised as a bottle of Bud Light, because every party needs music

-Bean Dip

-Refried Beans, tortillas, hot sauce, spray cheese

-Birthday cake in a mug

-Cheetos Flammin' Hot Mac'n'Cheese

-Cheetos Cheesy Jalepeno Mac'n'Cheese

-Musical card, stuffed with cash, because broke college student.

The box is finished off with a fun pom-pom garland that I am just sure the Cub will use to decorate his bachelor pad; after all, can't have a party without the decorations!

Party on, Cub!

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