Friday, May 20, 2022

Friday Favorites

Today, I am leaving for Texas, where I will spend the next five days enjoying the company of my daughter; that is obviously the most favorite of all my favorite things, today.

I packed my bags last night (if procrastination was a super power, I would be wearing a tight spangly unitard and a cape right about now), including the newest in my camera bag collection from House of Flynn (I have a problem and I'm not ashamed to admit it). This weekender bag holds everything that I regularly carry in my purse, as well as my camera, two lenses, my iPad, all of my various chargers, an extra pair of sunglasses, and the paperback that I purchased for the flight and to read by the hotel pool. It also matches the other two bags that I recently purchased, completing the set.

Once I land in Dallas, Queen B will pick me up at the airport and we will make the 4 hour drive to San Antonio. Since there was still plenty of room in my bag, I briefly considered throwing in some of my favorite road trip music, but, decided to save the room since there is hardly a moment to listen to music in silence when Queen B and I are together. If I had thrown in those CDs, they would include:

I recently downloaded an app that turns my pictures into works of art. When I sent Queen B some of the images, she immediately became unhinged, insisting that it was a data-scamming app and that I delete it, right this minute, young lady! Role reversal, much?

Anyhoodle, I did some research and discovered that the app was no more likely to steal my data than TikTok currently is, so I decided to accept the risk. I mean, how cute are these?!


And, that's about it for today. I'm sure I'll have at least a few new favorites before day's end, since that is what tends to happen when I hang out with my first-born.

I can't wait!

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