Wednesday, May 04, 2022

The Raising of the Beds

Garden beds, that is!

Yesterday, I pulled the trigger on the purchase of several bedding plants.

 It will be a while before I put them out since the weather is not yet optimal for gardening and my new raised beds still lack dirt, but! It's happening!

The beds are awesome! Truly a labor of love for Hugh, who never half-asses a project.

He had a little help...

Once he had the beds constructed, he moved them, section by section, into the garden, where he connected them, sprayed the wood with linseed oil to seal it, lined them with heavy-duty plastic, and added the irrigation system that will allow me to water from the bottom, up.

Hugh still needs to construct the trellis that will go over the back of the beds for all of my climbing plants, and, of course we need dirt, but; I'm this much closer to realizing my dream of having a flourishing vegetable garden again. And, it all started with this sketch...

...stay tuned!

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