Tuesday, May 17, 2022

I Can't Feel My Hands

The wind that has been raging through our valley finally subsided over the weekend, giving me time to bust out the power washer to clean off the porch. I'm happy to report: it is now 99.99% livable. I just have to clean the rug and hang the curtains.

Getting to this point required eight hours of wielding the above-mentioned powerwasher, which, left me physically wrecked, hence the title of this post. When I set out to clean the porch, I knew it was bad; I just didn't know how bad.

The wind had deposited an entire field's worth of dirt onto the porch, onto the siding, into every nook and cranny, and; the feral cats that a neighbor down the road insists on breeding had made use of the siding for what appeared to be an epic pissing match, quite literally.

I shudder at the memory of the smell that arose when the water hit the walls, not gonna lie.

Anyhoodle, let's clear that picture from our mind's eye with a reminder of the final product, shall we? We shall.

Although I was completely numb from the elbows down by Sunday morning, I managed to rally just long enough to get all of my planting done in the new garden beds. I am hopeful that all of the seeds, seedling, and juvenile plants will thrive, multiply, and produce a bounty of beautiful vegetable, herbs, and fruits. I would cross my fingers, but, they are still loathe to follow my commands.

Since I wasn't completely crippled, I also replanted some of the succulents in my succulent planter; a vast majority of them wintered over in the garage this year and I only had to pull a handful of dead plants out, but it created enough gaps that it looked awkward, hence the replenishment.

I also planted petunias in two of my porch boxes, which, for whatever reason, I failed to photograph. The large petunia pot pictured below was a splurge at a pop-up location of one of the better nurseries in Hooterville and it was totally worth the money because it looks, and smells, amazing and I didn't have to plant it myself.

It was a very productive weekend and I can't wait to share the details with Hugh once he gets back from Michigan later in the week (he helped a friend move). I'm also hopeful that I will have full use of my hands by then. Goals!

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