Monday, July 11, 2022

Garden Update

My first attempt at raised bed gardening is going along swimmingly. I have yet to harvest anything other than basil, but that is neither here nor there; the garden is fulfilling it's purpose, which was to provide me with a method for relaxing and reconnecting with nature. It's called grounding.

I do have every reason to believe that I will be harvesting something more than herbs eventually. The plants are all growing and flowering and I have seen plenty of bees and other pollinators flitting about, so I have little doubt that there will be an abundance of vegetables in due time.

In the meantime, I am learning new techniques for growing in an enclosed space, including string training my vining plants. This has proven both interesting and satisfying to me, because I love the way the plants wind their way up the string.

I am also using tomato cages to contain my squash plants, which has increased my ability to keep the ground underneath them free of debris that could potentially camouflage squash bugs. So far, the plants are bug-free and I am determined to keep it that way (squash bugs are my nemisis).

Using the cages requires me to push the leaves up into the cage, which means that my arms end up pretty deep into the plants. I have been using these awesome gardening sleeves to protect myself from the irritation that would happen if I went in bare-armed.

While I was elbow-deep into the yellow summer squash plant, I spied the first of what I'm hoping will be an abundant crop.

And, I was excited to get my first glimpse of an heirloom Pattypan squash forming. This is the first time I've grown Pattypans and I'm looking forward to trying it.

In less awesome gardening news; I discovered several cabbage worms feasting on one of the green cabbages. I picked them off and then dosed the cabbage with organic soap, so I am hoping that takes care of the issue. We shall see. Am I bummed? Of course, but, I'll take a few semi-cute caterpillars over squash bugs, any day.


Totally gratuitous photo of my gardening buddy

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