Monday, October 17, 2022

Well, Hello Neighbor!

Saturday, Mom and I spent the better part of the day together. We started the day with a trip to the local farm market, where we each picked up our favorite produce; Mom got tomatoes, apples for a pie, and some local jalepeno jelly while I picked up red onions, purple plums, and, on Mom's recommendation, a few of the tomatoes.

We then took a leisurely drive through Pixler, to one of the bigger antique stores. Mom was on the hunt for a small table for her living room and I was just browsing. I managed to fall in love with this antique breakfront, and, if I had a bigger house, you can bet your bippy she would have been going home with me (that sound you just heard was Hugh releasing a relieved sigh that our house is, in fact, not bigger).

After coveting the breakfront for an embarrassing amount of time, I moved on to other pursuits, specifically, checking out the vintage magazines, typewriters, sewing machines, etc.

In the end, I left without making a huge purchase. I did throw a little cash at a small Corning Ware casserole pan for Mom (it matches her vintage set and is the smaller version of the handled pan that I bought for her a while back) and a set of two small cast iron pans that will be perfect for baked brie on charcutterie boards.

With the purpose of our mission completed, we grabbed an amazing lunch at the restaurant in the garden center where The Newlyweds and I had taken the floral arranging class earlier this summer. I had a chicken bacon ranch sandwich that was delicious, along with a side of their signature green chili mac and cheese and I don't think I will ever be able to go back to regular old mac and cheese. It. Was. Amazing. I could make a whole meal out of the mac and cheese, alone.

To round out the day, we stopped at the Mennonite farm store so Mom could pick up another jar of jalapeno jelly (woman likes her some jalapeno jelly on cream cheese, with crackers). Since we were there, I grabbed a jar of spicy pickled okra for Hugh, some cranberry jam to top the brie in one of those pans I bought (I'm thinking that will be excellent for Thanksgiving), and a jar of Frog jam.

What is Frog jam, you ask? A delectable combination of fig, raspberry, orange, and ginger. It will also go nicely on baked brie, or on a log of goat cheese, or, by the spoonful, into my belly. I have no shame.

Anyhoodle, we left the market and I dropped Mom off at my house to pick up her car, then followed her to Hooterville so that I could unload her new table (the purchase of which, if you recall, was the mission for the day). Then I went home and enjoyed a marathon viewing of The Watcher on Netflix, which was probably not the wisest of entertainment choices, given that Hugh was out of town on a wrestling assignment.

Good show, though. Highly recommended.

Thus endeth a perfect day with my newest neighbor. Have I mentioned that I really like that lady? I would share my Frog jam with her, anyday.

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