Friday, December 16, 2022

Friday Favorites

When I was decorating the tree a few weeks ago, I found these old book ornaments that we got when the kids were small. Each year, they were to write something about what they liked best that Christmas, favorite presents, etc. Opening them again is like opening a time capsule.

Translation: "Me and my sister got a dog for Christmas an it is cute and culde" (cuddly, for those of you who can't comprehend 8 year old phonetics). This is the Man-Cub's book and that was the year that we surprised the kids with Rowdie Dog (miss him everyday).

Translation: "I had the best Christmas ever I got a play station and the games (completely illegible) and guitar Heroes. And a cell phone". I love the insertion of the original design for the cell phone emoji and the misspelling of  the word rule. Pre-teen girls are awesome.

I sent out our Christmas cards last week and, I know I say this almost every year, but; I think this year's card was my most favorite of all time. The whole family got involved, some more enthusiastically than others, and we recreated an iconic scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. My life is complete.

For the cards I exchange, locally, I like to use my wax sealing kits with a Christmas-themed stamp; so that is what I did again this year. I wish I could do the same for the mailed cards, but that isn't an option according to the USPS.

In other news from Project Christmas Execution; I changed out all the bedding in our house. Every bed now has holiday themed flannel sheets and festive pillows. This matters not one iota to anyone in my household except for me. Unless you count the cat, who is always happy to roll his hair all over freshly changed bedding.

One last favorite for this post and then I'll call it a day: earlier this month, I used my birthday money to purchase this amazing antique silver punch bowl set. I am planning to make homemade eggnog to serve in it. Mark my words: punchbowls are going to make a comeback in the next couple of years. I'm getting ahead of the trend.

That's it for today. Later this evening, Mom and I are going to hit a drive-through live nativity at one of the churches in Hooterville. I'm hoping it becomes a favorite this year. 

Stay tuned!

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