Saturday, December 17, 2022

It Wasn't a Jesus Weenie Roast, But It'll Do

Last night, Mom and I went to a drive-through live nativity presented by a church in Hooterville. The church attempted the event in 2020, when their usual live nativity was sidelined by Covid. They figured, if they couldn't have people wandering around the churchyard, viewing the scenes from the night of our savior's birth, they would simply set up cones and have folks stay in their cars, doing a slow roll past each tableau. 

It was a brilliant idea. Unfortunately, that year, a winter storm dumped several feet of snow on Hooterville the morning of the event, so it was canceled. 2020, the gift that just kept on giving.

Last year, they attempted the drive through set-up again, and, it went without a hitch. Unfortunately, or- fortunately, depending on how you look at it- we were in Hawaii for the Man-Cub's graduation, so we missed the show.

This year, when I saw it advertised on Facebook, I was determined to check it out. Hugh is currently back east, officiating a wrestling tournament, so Mom and I loaded up the Tahoe and hit the nativity alone. And, while it was not quite as entertaining as the year that I dragged her to the Catholic school's Jesus Weenie Roast; I think Mom enjoyed it.

After viewing the nativity, we went to one of Hooterville's nicer restaurants; Mom hadn't been there yet so I figured that would be a nice way to cap off the evening.

It was a great night and a fun ending to my week. Today, I am preparing to do battle with several rolls of wrapping paper and a bunch of gifts. The countdown to the Big Day is on and I am woefully unprepared.

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