Monday, December 12, 2022

Life Lately

Just for a change of pace, how about I don't start this post with an excuse for not writing more often? That definitely seems to be my MO, recently, and, while I do wish I were posting here more often; it is a simple fact of life that times have changed and that I just don't live a very interesting life anymore- not that I ever did, but, at least I used to have the children for entertaining stories.

Waaaait a minute...I do have an entertaining story about one of the children, after all. Well, not entertaining, exactly, but informative., and, in keeping with the Life Lately-ness of this post.

The Man-Cub went under the knife Friday evening, for a repair of the shoulder injury that he got clear back in high school. The surgery took a little longer than anticipated, but that was mainly due to the fact that the surgeon got started quite a bit later than originally planned. 

The Cub is now resting comfortably at home, or, at least as comfortably as one can get when wearing a sling 24/7 and sleeping in a sitting-up position. He's young; he'll survive.

While the Cub was knocked out, Shanti and I ran to the pharmacy to pick up his pain meds; while we waited for the prescription to be filled, we visited the newest sweets shop in Hooterville: Twisted Sugar. Neither of us had been there yet and we were curious to see how it stacked up to Crumbl Cookies, which has been in business for just a little over a year, locally.

The general ambience of Twisted Sugar far outpaces that of Crumbl, but, I don't think Crumbl is too concerned with aesthetics, so I doubt they are concerned.

Where they may want to take note is in the competition for tastiest cookie, which, is a contest they might just lose. We ordered similar cookies from each store and Shanti and the Cub will be conducting a taste test to determine the outcome. Stay tuned.

Saturday was a stay-at-home day for me. I managed to knock quite a few items of my holiday to-do list while enjoying classic carols on my record player.

Sunday, I busted out my Kitchenaid and made cookies: cut sugar and molasses chews, respectively.

While I toiled away over copious amounts of butter and sugar, Hugh was putting the finishing touches on the outdoor lighting, which, is a post for another day. I will say, however, that my blow mold choir has doubled in size and I'm not mad about it.

We finished the weekend by joining Shanti and the Cub at mom's house for dinner followed by a viewing of the latest episode of Yellowstone.

So, you see, my life is both boring and basic. Much literary content, there.

Kind of explains the lack of posts that I swore not to complain about in the beginning of this post.


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