Monday, December 26, 2022

Holiday Home Tour 2022

Happy day after Christmas! I have several Christmas-related posts to write, and figured that I should start with a home tour. At this point in my blogging career (ha!), I am less aspirational when it comes to this particular post and more practical; I'm simply documenting the decor as a reminder to myself of where I displayed things in previous years, so I can either recreate a look or shake things up, depending on my mood.

This year, I went pretty traditional. The five foot Santa that Hugh and I bought decades ago still greets visitors in the foyer, and the tree is in it's usual spot in the living room. You can also see a portion of the village on top of our entertainment center. I don't put the village up every year, more like every other year. Last year, we were in Hawaii in the weeks leading up to Christmas, so the village didn't come out. 2022 was it's year.

And, a choir of blow mold singers greets visitors on the porch. The choir doubled in size this year and I love it. Next year, Hugh has plans to build a set of moving risers that will start on a motion sensor, complete with music, so it will look, and sound,  like the choir is singing for our friends and family. It was my vision, but he'll put it into action.

Mr and Mrs Santa are also front and center on the porch. These two are some of my favorite blow molds (I love them all, of course).

One of my angels watches over the Santas and the choir. 

And a North Pole sign welcomes guests.

The porch is draped in cedar garland that I order from a local pre-school fundraiser. Each garland is six feet long and I order six of them each year. They are surprisingly affordable and last for the entire season without browning or dropping needles. I hung the massive popcorn garland that Hugh made for me last year over the garland for a festive touch.

In the interest of full disclosure, the garland yellowed horribly last year. We definitely should have painted each "kernel" before we strung it. Instead, Hugh had to separate each kernel from each "cranberry" with paper plates before spray painting it before we hung it up this year.

In front of the porch, we displayed Santa and Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, and Comet. Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen are MIA because everyone and their dog has discovered what I've known for years: blow molds are the bomb-diggity. Now, the vintage reindeer are becomming harder and harder to find and the prices are getting higher and higher. It may take years for me to finish off the team.

As always, I hung a lighted garland around the door and window; this year I used my deco-mesh garlands and matching lighted wreath. I also candy-striped the porch posts, which I do most years.

Last year, I started collecting the large lightbulb lights for the house, including these bulbs on lawn stakes. If they are available on clearance this week, I will try to get a few more sets, to finish off the walkway.

My blow mold nativity is tucked happily into the stable that Hugh build for me two years ago.

And, the house is outlined in the large lightbulb lights. These were unavailable at the Hellmouth this year, so I don't know if I'll ever be able to add to the set, but this does the trick, for now.

Back inside the house, not a lot has changed this year. I used my normal garland and Santa portrait for the fireplace. This year, I added stockings for Shanti and the Rodeo Princess. In the future, I'm going to have to retire our old stockings, if I want matching ones for all our family members.

In the dining room, I displayed the two large Santas that Mom gave me when she downsized the house in Mayberry. My Dad purchased three of these Santas for Mom over three Christmases. Barbie took the third one, and, I would have been content with one, but my sister Midge didn't want one, which is how I ended up with two. No complaints, here.

I displayed the large Santas with my smaller Jim Shore international Santas.

In the foyer, I hung Santa's outfit and boots, next to a table adorned with a garland and my old radio. People always comment on the suit, and, when my Great-Niece came over this past Friday, she was over the moon excited about it. It's a really simple thing, but it brings great joy.

There are several other decorations throughout the house, but, this post is already pretty picture-heavy, so I won't post anymore.

Well, maybe one more. This is the way I displayed my collection of Christmas Vacation  Funko Pop figurines this year.

I printed and framed the picture that we used for this year's Christmas card and it fit into the display, beautifully. The display was definitely a topic of conversation at Christmas dinner.

Anyhoodle, that's the tour for this year. More Christmas posts coming soon.

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