Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Rollin' With My Homie

This past Saturday, I loaded up Mom and the kids for a night out on the town. We had dinner at the kids' preferred restaurant and then headed to the local community theater to see Coney Island Christmas, which was very cute and just as well done as every other play the local thespians put on.

Attending the Christmas play at the theater has become a bit of a tradition for me; last year, I took Mom, Oscar, and Emily. The year before that, Erin and Kristi joined me. I'm looking forward to keeping the tradition for as long as I am able.

It's also become a bit of a tradition for me to deck my car out in holiday spirit, and this year has been no exception. In fact, I added a special guest appearance by The Big Guy to the usual reindeer antlers and Christmas lights.

Mom and the kids were more than happy to roll with old St. Nick, I assure you.

Today, Mom and I will be rolling with our North Pole homie again, as we are headed to Neighboring City for a doctor's appointment. I have a ton of shopping still to do before Christmas and am seriously lacking in motivation. Hopefully, a little Christmas music on the radio will get me in the spirit.

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