Monday, December 18, 2023

And a Choir of Heavenly Angels Sang

Yes, this choir!

Because, apparently, someone (cough, cough Hugh, cough, cough) reads here; this can be the only explanation for the sudden burst of productivity that led to the miraculous lighting of the baby Jesus this past Saturday night. 

Better pictures coming soon!

Not only that, but he also rigged a system that makes the reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh look as though they are taking off. It's very cool and will grow with the collection, which; only has two tiny reindeer to go! Well, three, if you include Rudolph, which I totally intend to do.

Speaking of Rudolph; CBS aired the original this weekend, and you know Hugh and I were parked on the couch, watching.

Hugh wasn't the only one ramping up the productivity this weekend; I managed to check all of the items off my To Do list, including the baking of all of the cookies that I will be contributing to the community goodie tray.

I also got the majority of our gifts wrapped and tried my hand at drying oranges, which resulted in a  swag that I'm ridiculously proud of for some reason.

Needless to say; I am feeling a lot more festive and less like I am so far behind. Oh, I'm still behind, just not as much.

I am taking this week off from Not So New Job so that I can finish up my holiday preparations and try to squeeze some seasonal joy out of the days leading up to Christmas. Queen B arrives tomorrow and we are going to finish up our shopping, wrapping, and last-minute tasks.

Today, I am planning to deep-clean the house, as well as picking up the last of the grocery items that I will need for next week's feast. I also plan to get some good photos of the house decorations (and of the porch and yard decor, praise Jesus!).

I am really hoping that I will muster up the energy to document everything a little better in this space, since it serves as a reminder of All the Things each year.

Wish me luck!

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