Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Christmas Chronicles: Holiday Home Tour 2023

Happy Boxing Day!

What's that you say? We don't celebrate Boxing day in the US? That's true, but maybe we should! An extra paid day off after Christmas day would be a huge benefit for employees. I have the whole week off (fingers crossed that no emergencies interrupt the week), so I am catching up on blog posts, even if the content is a bit stale.

This post is about my Christmas decorations; I would skip it, but I need to document it for prosperity's sake because, this year; I departed from my decades-long tradition of having white lights on my tree. When Hugh and I found ourselves shopping for a new tree, I chose one that has both white and colored lights, so I chose to embrace the color, going in a more vintage direction with the decorations, as well.

I purchased several sets of mercury glass beaded garland and a few sets of reproduction bubble lights and mixed them with the glass ornaments that I already owned; which gave the tree an old-fashioned feel.

This summer, when the Cub told me of his plan to propose to Shanti, I also ordered several ornaments from an artist on Etsy so that I could start a new tradition...

...family members who spend Christmas with us are represented on the tree! I am planning to grow the ornament collection as the family grows. My sister teased me about it being very "Days of Our Lives", and she's not wrong, but I don't care. I love having them to look at each year, and, since I included an ornament for my Dad; it's like he will be with us, too.

The Man-Cub's proposal inspired another change that I made this year; we replaced the stockings that we have used since the kids were born with new stockings that will be easier to add to as we gain new family members, hopefully.

 The rest of my decor was a mix of vintage and new. I used several of my smaller blow molds in the house, as well as displaying my Grandma's old plastic angels and the wise men that Mom made when I was a kid. I rolled vintage sheet music that my sister had found for me and displayed it by my record player; the music was Christmas carols, so it was perfect.

The outside of the house didn't change much from last year, except for the "flying" reindeer that Hugh rigged up. He did a great job and is now plotting how to make them fly higher next year.

So, that's it! Better late than never, and, another useful documentation tool for next year, when I will have forgotten half of what I own and most of how I've used it.

That's actually becoming the theme of this space, honestly. 

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