Thursday, December 28, 2023

Christmas Chronicles: Christmas Traditions

I can't let a Christmas go by without documenting our family traditions, especially since we are in a season of transition as Empty Nesters, with adult children and; our traditions may change or disappear all together as the season changes.

One tradition that I assume we will eventually retire is the family Christmas card. I think card sending, in general, is on the decline, as we receive fewer and fewer each year. It is also getting harder to come up with fun ideas for our card each year, although, this year was a no-brainer for me.

One of our newer traditions is the Christmas cocktail contest; we held the 3rd annual event this year. I'm not sure how long something needs to occur before it can be officially considered a tradition, but I think we are well on our way. This year, Shanti took down Queen B, who was the reigning champion two years, running. I placed a very respectable fifth place, so I'm not complaining. This year, we added a couple of categories to the judging criteria, including costume and creativity in the drink name. Next year, we will be moving the event into the garage, where we can set up space heaters and enough tables and chairs for the event, since it has doubled in size and is expected to grow again.

We didn't make popcorn balls this year, but we did make sure to gather together to decorate cut sugar cookies. I made far fewer this year and I'm sure we will still be eating them until Valentines Day, but it is one of the traditions that the kids don't seem ready to let go just yet.

I found a snow globe cookie cutter in my collection and have no recollection of having purchased it. The kids did a fantastic job decorating the cookies I made with it, however, so I need to remember to pull it out again next year.

Times change, traditions change, grow, slip away...but, long after we are gone, tradition will be the silver thread that tethers the memory of us to those we leave behind. 

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