Monday, November 06, 2006

Back To the Grind

The rest of the annual Stay-At-Home Mother Project went remarkable well. I am now an avid daytime exerciser, my house is clean and organized, I have several casseroles in the freezer for nights when I don’t feel like cooking, I am mostly caught up on the children’s scrapbooks and I am an expert on daytime television which is to say; daytime television sucks. I will never get the image of Martha Stewart dressed like a Cat and crawling across the floor of her studio out of my mind, it will forever color any association that I have with the maven of domesticity. For shame.

On the other hand, without the distraction of a full time job, I found myself engaging in a wee bit of consumer over-load via the internet and the stores in the neighboring town. Since I am all out of hands, the other foot would like you to know that I now have the vast majority of my Christmas shopping for out-of-town relatives completed. If hearing that serves as a reminder of your own Holiday angst, feel free to hate the other foot.

Speaking of the holidays, can you believe Thanksgiving is only three weeks away? Neither can I but, the calendar doesn’t lie. It does get really pissed off when you imply that it might, however.

Also pissed off? My children who were torn from their beds an hour earlier than they have become accustomed to this past week making breakfast this morning a particularly ugly affair.*

So, now I am back at work and happy to be here. I might be happier at home but, in all honesty, I’m a whore for the money and baking cookies doesn’t pay nearly as well as my day job. If it did, those would be some damn fine cookies.

*No children were harmed during this unfortunate incident. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Captain Crunch.

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