Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Leftover Night

My kids love Wednesday nights because they know they won’t be required to eat a healthy, balanced meal for dinner. Instead, they will be allowed to choose whatever they feel like eating from the plentiful stock of leftovers in the refrigerator. Which means that the Man-Cub will be eating something containing pasta and the Girl will be eating a ham sandwich, unless we have leftover Chinese on hand in which case, she won’t even need a clean plate; girlfriend likes to eat cold Chinese food right out of the take-out cartons.

Tonight is her lucky night.

I enjoy Wednesday evenings too, not only because I get a break from cooking delicious, well balanced meals for my ungrateful offspring but, I get to indulge in a similar gastric fashion. Looks like I will dine upon leftover chili tonight and, not just any chili but my special Blowout Turkey Chili, so named for its never-fail ability to, um….clear the way for future meals, if you know what I mean.

Sorry, I know you know what I mean.

Wednesday leftover night became a tradition because Wednesday is Hugh’s bowling night and, without him at home to complain about the abysmal lack of freshly prepared food, we are free to go wild with the Tupperware fare and can do so without fearing his disapproval; one can hardly disapprove of one’s family skipping several food groups at a meal when one is himself relying on greasy bowling alley pizza for nourishment. He might have a legitimate beef with the fact that we sometimes eat dessert before the main course though so, we’ll just keep that between us, ok?

Look! An entire entry about how I am teaching my children to make bad food choices! Who’s rocking this parenthood gig? I am! I am!

On an unrelated note, I picked up the proofs from our professional family photography session and, while I greatly respect the photographer and find her to be a generally fantastic artist-I was not blown away by our photos and, while I mostly blame that on the fact that I was in them, I'm still a wee bit disappointed. On the brighter side, I won’t be spending a ridiculous amount of money on prints. Now, I can feel a little less guilty about spending a small fortune on the photo books that I designed on Shutterfly yesterday as Christmas gifts for the in-laws and my sister.

It’s good to look on the bright side, no?

Since I was already downtown picking up the proofs, I stopped at the jewelry store to have the jeweler look at my wedding ring since one of the prongs has recently started snagging on my clothing and, that just isn’t normal. The jeweler agreed that it was a bad thing and took my ring for a procedure he called “re-tipping”. He then informed me that he is really swamped right now so I could expect to have my ring back in about a month. Or, you know, two. Ordinarily, I would have told the gentleman to shove his two months so far up his rectum that not even my famous blow-out chili would touch it but, I declined to unleash the Furies as this is the same jeweler who designed and fabricated my five-year anniversary band so that it fit seamlessly with my engagement and wedding bands, a spectacular feat considering the asymmetrical nature of the original bands.

Also, do I really want to wear the ring after it had been there? I do not.

So, I just have to get used to not wearing the ring; easier said than done considering I have not been without it in fourteen years and I now have a habit of rubbing the center stone when I am nervous or bored which, come to think of it, totally explains how the prongs got worn down enough to require “re-tipping”.


I hope I don’t turn to nervous eating in the absence of the ring; random eating of everything in the fridge could prove detrimental to Left-over night.

The children would not be happy.

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  1. At least you are giving them prepared leftovers, I'm taking mine to McDonald's since dad's going out to eat with associates.