Friday, November 17, 2006

Okey Dokey, Artichokey

My alarm failed to wake me this morning.

But, seeing as how I forgot to set it last night, I have no right to be annoyed.

Also, since my body is a well-oiled machine, functioning at a level that makes lesser women weep, I woke up right on time, anyway. This totally spared me from arriving late to my 7:30 meeting which, by the way, I ask you; who in their right minds schedules a meeting for 7:30 on a Friday morning and then fails to provide coffee? Who?

The adrenaline rush from waking up and realizing that I had come thisclose to oversleeping can only last so long and, currently, I am dragging ass like a cat with pinworms. And it’s only two o’clock. So much for the well-oiled machine.

At this rate, it will be a struggle to stay awake through tonight’s Holiday Festival fundraiser and, since I simply must win one of the auction items, it is imperative that I do so. After all, I can’t take a chance on some blue-haired old lady out-bidding me; I really, really want that porcelain carousel for my Christmas village! Must stay awake to the bitter-last possible minute to place a higher bid-moment, people!

Since the answer clearly lies in caffeine, and since caffeine can be found in both chocolate and coffee, both of which I am currently craving, I predict a Starbucks run in my near future. Mmmm…Peppermint mocha, yummy.

Know what else is yummy? Getting over three hundred dollars worth of Premiere jewelry for the low, low price of $19.97. Seriously, once the orders were totaled for my recent sales party, I had earned that much free booty. I cannot wait until it arrives and I can get with the bling.

Or whatever you kids are calling it these days.

Speaking of kids, the title of this post is one of the Man-Cub’s favorite sayings and, if you knew him, you would know how well it suits his personality. It’s like, his motto.

My motto, if I had one, would be; its all good, spoken in the voice of that turtle from Finding Nemo…it’s all gooood.

Credit card bill got you down? It's all goood.

Still scraping brain matter out of the ceiling fixtures? It's alll goood.

Like, totally, duuuude.

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  1. I had the same problem on Friday. I failed to set my alarm, so it did not wake me up. I, however, woke up 40 minutes late and in a panic. I hate that.