Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snowed Under

Yesterday’s blizzard dropped more than sixteen inches of snow on our town which made the drive home from work a real bitch, pardon my French. By the time I made it home, there was so much snow in my driveway, I had to completely shovel it off before I could park in the garage and, people, I have four-wheel drive.

And, a back-ache; shoveling is a bitch.

I didn’t let the blizzard spoil the anniversary of my 29th birthday, however. Hugh and the children took me to the only open restaurant in our small town and we had a pleasant, if rather quiet, dinner. Quiet because we were the only patrons in the place, the storm keeping away the general populace.

When we got home, I opened my present which was the Kodak Easy Share camera with the printing dock. I have wanted this fabulous piece of technology for quite some time and lord knows I dropped enough hints which, to his credit, Hugh obviously picked up on. Of course, I assumed that, should he decide to get it for me, it would be for Christmas, but, Hugh explained that he wanted me to be able to actually use it at Christmas like, duh.

Hugh is smart. And, generous.

And I’m not just saying that since I came out of the blog-closet on Thanksgiving and he now knows about, and reads, this rag on occasion.


Speaking of Hugh (who is sooo good looking, generous and smart), he spent the majority of the evening shoveling snow off the back porch. His back aches today, too.

And, while I curse the snow on the roads, in my driveway and on the kids trampoline, which we kinda sorta accidentally (in a totally non-lazy way, I swear) never got around to taking down for the winter; its frosty whiteness does serve to put me in the holiday spirit; tonight, I shall bake cookies!

And, tomorrow (turn away from the computer if you are reading, dear); more shopping!


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  1. Funny, you and Nicole each got an easy share camera. Look forward to the photos!