Monday, November 27, 2006

Throwing In the Towel

Thanksgiving with my parents was fabulous. As usual, my mom outdid herself on the meal, serving three kinds of pie in an attempt to make everyone happy. Of course, you can’t please everyone and this year it was the Man-Cub’s turn to be disappointed; no chocolate cream for him.

To make up for crushing his Thanksgiving dreams, we took the child to see Happy Feet whereupon all was made right in his world.

Otherwise, during our stay, we watched a lot of movies, caught up on local gossip and ate so much left-over turkey we feared we might develop feathers as a side effect. We also took great pleasure in watching the antics of the three hundred squirrels who reside in my parents’ neighborhood. My parents, it should be noted, take no such delight in this particular activity since they long ago deemed the squirrels to be vermin and would like nothing more than for the whole lot of them to relocate to places unknown. Sadly for them, this won’t happen anytime soon since my children spoiled the little bastards with the promise of peanuts; ginormous piles of which they left outside each morning for their hoarding pleasure. My parents have no intention of continuing this habit, of course, which means we now have to pray the little dears don’t become violent while in search of their next nut fix; squirrels are quite dangerous, after all.

Speaking of squirrels, Hugh and I put up our Christmas tree on Saturday night after traveling home from my parent’s house for that express purpose and not, as Hugh would have you believe, because I was afraid that the squirrels would eat my face off in my sleep once they discovered the empty peanut bag in the garbage can. Honestly.

Still, I have to admit a brief shiver ran up my spine when Hugh re-enacted the “squirrel in the tree” scene from that National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie. But, only for a second.

And I digress.

Our tree looks lovely, the rest of the house is pretty much decked out for the holidays and on Sunday, and I endured the annual torture that is the Christmas card photo shoot. Neither of my offspring was thrilled and, to be honest, I finally just kind of gave up and let them fight it out. I think it might be the best Christmas card I have ever done.

It is certainly the most honest.

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  1. That is ABSOLUTELY the best Christmas Card I've ever seen. Absolutely adorable.