Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

The annual Stay At Home Mother Project is going swimmingly. So far I have:

-Taken the children to the pumpkin patch where they enjoyed a hayride, roasted marshmallows and picked their own pumpkins which we then carved into fabulous jack-o-lanterns.
-Baked and decorated four dozen sugar cookies in the shape of Frankenstein.
-Cleaned the house four million times.
-Put to sleep and buried our thirteen year old female German Shepard (which broke my heart even though it was totally the right thing to do for her).
-Experienced a weird UFO moment when the radio, lights and gages on my car freaked out and flashed on and off for about twenty seconds during a quick run to the grocery store for Halloween cups. Hasn’t happened since. I blame it on Halloween. Or, you know, aliens.
-Volunteered as the classroom mother for the Man-Cub’s Halloween party where I led twenty-one hyper eight year olds in a rousing game of Mummy Wrap and an even more energetic game of musical chairs.
-Taken five children Trick-or-Treating and to the school Halloween Carnival.
-Cooked several gourmet meals plus pizza for five very hungry Trick-or-Treaters.
-Taken down all the Halloween decorations and replaced them with Thanksgiving decorations including a set of wooden pilgrims that are still scarred from a chewing given to them by our late male German Shepard chewed many, many years ago.
-Cried over my lost German Shepards.
-Went for a portrait consultation with the photographer who will be taking our family pictures on Sunday.
-Came to the office to download pictures, order prints from Shutterfly and update this blog before the cobwebs choke the mechanism.

Looks like I made it just in time.


  1. I'm so sorry about your dog! I'm glad the week seems to be going well otherwise! Thanks for your prayers!

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