Tuesday, November 14, 2006

In Which the World Conspires Against My Best Intentions

Although I fully intended to follow my diet and exercise program to a T lo these last precious weeks before the holidays, I have been foiled by circumstance at every turn.

Last night, my intentions were laid waste by a jewelry party that I hosted as pay-back for being invited to a friend’s party a few weeks back. The party was at six, and, since I had to work a full day, run to the grocery store and prepare food for my guests; Exercise was the first casualty of the night. Not long after, Diet died a mercifully swift death at the hands of mini hotdogs wrapped in flaky croissant, Mexican seven-layer dip on tortilla chips and deep-fried cheese and artichoke bites.

My best intentions are threatened again tonight due to a dinner invitation from one of Hugh’s suppliers; tomorrow isn’t looking too good for them either, courtesy of a cosmetics party at Jana’s. Because, you know; party=food.

It is the American way.

And, you know that old saying, the road to hell is paved with good intentions? Tis true! And, on the same road; Christmas!

Remember how I gloated over having accomplished my shopping for the out-of-town relatives? Yes?! And, how I intended to mail all of my gifts before Thanksgiving? Yes?! Well, guess who got a memo sent via the Mother-in-Law Communications System, requesting that; in lieu of toys this year, gift cards to the new bookstore being built in their neighborhood be purchased for the out-of-town children?


I intend to return the toys and use the cash for gift cards.

Of course, we all know how well that has been working out lately.

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