Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ok, So We Aren’t Off To a Great Start

Operation Idyllic Summer hit a bit of a snafu this weekend, when household chores crowded out swimming pools and campfires. I'm ok with it though; I always play better when I know I have an organized home to return to, not quite sure why that is except for the part where my mother drilled it into my head.

Thanks, Mom.

So, now I have a clean and organized (for the most part) house. The Girl even managed to clean her room, including the closet wherein she found a virtual treasure-trove of clothing that never got worn and is now officially too small. That’s bad. The good news is; we have friends who are adopting eight and nine year old girls from Kazakhstan and they will make good use of the clothing.

The rest of the crap that the children discovered and decided to discard is now tucked away in the attic, awaiting our yard sale later this month.

Yard sales, oiy vey. They are the bane of my summer existence yet, highly profitable and ultimately worth the effort.

In baseball news; we lost yet another game last night. This time, we were up against the other hometown nine and ten year old team. That team just happens to be comprised of mostly ten-year-olds to our mostly nine-year-old crew but, I’m not complaining; Hugh hand-picked our team because the boys have played together for the past three years and are comfortable with each other. I’m also not blaming the loss on the age difference; we only lost by three runs and we held the other team to a low score so, I think the boys were fairly evenly matched despite their ages.

It is kind of awkward to cheer for your team when the parents of the other team’s players are friends or acquaintances, though. Also, there were a couple of coaches from the older kids’ teams in attendance as well as a few Board members and it didn’t take a genius to figure out that they were scouting for the nine-and-ten All-Star team that will play later this summer. I’m not much of a fan of all-Star teams for this age group but, that is a rant for another time.

Like when so-and-so’s son doesn’t make the All-Star team and how could you not pick their preshus junior!?? Are you blind to his mad baseball skilz? He rules at second base! How could you overlook that natural ability? The talent, my god!

You get the picture. It’s bound to get ugly.

After all, we all know that my son is the Wizard of Second Base.

Like, duh.


  1. Oh, the politics of childhood sports make me cringe. DREADING this. I just want it to be fun. And for EVERYONE to be talented and feel like a star. And, you know, for world peace and puppies and rainbows. Is that so much to ask?

  2. I second peace and puppies and rainbows. And ponies. For everyone!

    Chelle, may the Benevolent Garage Sale Muse be with you. Just remember: it's all about the money!