Monday, January 19, 2009

Painting the Town Purple

My trip to Denver this past weekend was wonderful in so many ways. I got to spend some quality time with my sister, I got to reconnect with one of my oldest friends, I saw a fabulous show and got to watch my children enjoying time with their cousin; it was really a great way to spend my time.

The trip itself was uneventful which, for Colorado in the wintertime, is saying quite a bit. We left our house at noon on Friday and, by five o’clock, I was enjoying a glass of wine with my sister while the Man-Cub and my nephew raced around the basement in Jedi costumes, brandishing light sabers and speaking in geek; something that they would spend pretty much the entirety of the weekend doing while The Girl looked on in a rather bored fashion.

After a couple of glasses of wine, I suggested that we watch the new episode of Battlestar Galactica; a suggestion which Barbie met with utter disdain even after I Googled Jamie Bamber’s naked ass from season one just to demonstrate the more “artistic” elements of the show (it’s not all science fiction, after all). In the end, she did agree to watch with me and, by watch, I mean that she sat in the same room with me and surfed Facebook while I watched; eh, good enough.

Saturday we did a little window shopping before heading downtown to meet Melimel for dinner at Maggiano’s prior to the play. Dinner was delicious and it goes without saying that the company was superb. Since we had plenty of time between dinner and the play because someone, and I’m not pointing any fingers here (mostly because it is really hard to point at yourself), got the time wrong and thought the play started at 7:00 rather than at 8:00; we sat at the theater bar and enjoyed another round of drinks while having the kind of conversation that only girlfriends can have.

Then, on to the play which was spectacularly well done. I had expected it to be good but really, I was blown away by the casting, the sets, the production value; it all added up to one of the best productions that I have seen performed and I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to see it. Especially with the company that I was in.

The time for our departure on Sunday seemed to arrive all too soon but, there is always work to be done and, even with the kids out of school for Martin Luther King Jr. day; we had to get back.

Hopefully, though, there will be other trips to spend time with two of my favorite women on the planet and, with any luck; those trips will happen sooner rather than later.


  1. I agree.. it was a wonderful night and I hold all our time together VERY VERY dear.. I know our "lives" get in the way but I really do enjoy being around you and your infectious positivity!!! :O)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful night/weekend! Loved the facebook incident, it was fun to watch those status change!

  3. Tell me HOW I missed Jamie Bamber's naked ass!? Oh...I wasn't watching season one, got sucked in shortly after...
    And, do you agree...WHAT THE FRAK?