Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

The children went back to school today which meant an early morning for all of us; hopefully it won’t take too long for us to get back in the groove because, cracking my eyes open before the dawn just about broke my spirit.

Speaking of breaking one’s spirit, have I mentioned lately how much I am enjoying my daughter’s new attitude? No? Well, I should, Lord knows I bitch enough about her Dark Moods and disrespectful moments; her good qualities deserve some recognition, too.

So, yes, she’s been a doll for the past month or so. Her teachers have all sent reports ranging from “What a nice change!” to “Where have you been hiding this child and, can we please keep her?” and, for the record, we agree and, yes, we can.

I hope.

Hugh is under the impression that the child’s new attitude is a direct result of the tough love stance that we took with her when she was misbehaving but I happen to disagree; I think it is merely a matter of her emotions catching up with her hormones.

I’m right, of course.

Anyway, the change has been welcome and I am really enjoying having an adolescent in the house, now. Her sense of humor is rapidly catching up with mine and her use of sarcasm at the appropriate times and in the appropriate manner is a tribute to her fine genetic lineage and my awesome parenting skilz. Because, you know, I birthed her and it’s all about me.

See? Sarcasm, it’s what’s for dinner.

Anyhoodle, as a reward for her good behavior, I took The Girl to the salon yesterday so that she could get her hair cut, something that she has been wanting to have done for quite some time and, while I was semi-heartbroken to see four inches of her precious and long-awaited hair (child was bald until she was three. True story) fall to the ground; she was delighted with the results.

She looks older now. She seems more mature which, in all honesty, is what we have been hoping for, all along.

And, in retrospect, I kind of miss my baby but, let’s keep that between you and me, internet.


  1. She does look older. And she is beautiful - just like her mother, of course.

  2. I like her haircut. It looks good on her. Lets hope that encourages her to continue her appreciated good behavior! :)

  3. What a beauty you have on your hands. You will appreciate her more and more (as she will you) as she gets older as I have learned about my own. The long hair will be a good handle for you next time she needs whipped into shape! :)

  4. WAHHH, do they have to grow up?!?!