Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dr. Spock Neglected To Mention This Milestone

This past weekend, The Girl asked me for a ride to the mall so that she could make use of gift cards she had received for Christmas. She specifically wanted to buy a pair of skinny jeans that she could wear with boots.

So, we went to the local JC Penney where jeans are on sale about as often as siblings annoy one another which is to say; regularly.

Our first stop was in the Girls section which is where we usually buy The Girl’s jeans since they carry slim sizes. You know what The Girl’s department doesn’t carry? Skinny jeans. Nor anything remotely resembling a skinny jean and; The Girl was devastated.

That is, until her heroic mother swept in to save the day by suggesting that maybe, just maybe, she could fit in the lowest size available in the gasp! Juniors department! And, off we went.

Folks? The lowest size available in the Juniors department?

Is a size 0



Do you think there would be a run on size 0 jeans? I wouldn’t have thought so but; do you think there was a single pair of that size of skinny jeans to be found on the shelves? Of course not.

The Girl, woebegone and beside herself, decided to try on a size 3, just to “see”. I could have told her they would never fit but decided to let her see for herself and, while she did that, I pawed through the return cart in the dressing room area, hoping for just one pair of skinny jeans in a size 0 (number of times in my life that I’ve been on that hunt: Zero. Z-E-R-O) and, miraculously; I managed to find not one but two pairs of jeans that fit the bill.

Mother Saves the Day, story at eleven.

And….they fit her quite nicely with a little room to grow. And…they were on sale, buy one, get one. And…she had just enough money in gift cards to purchase them. And…I am now her hero.

Dr. Spock ain’t got nothing on me.


  1. Wow, ZERO, I don't think my butt EVER saw that size. Actually, I know it didn't.

  2. That makes me smile! I'm glad the mission was accomplished!

  3. The Junior department. Oh, I have so many fond memories of the Junior department. Mine don't involve a size zero either, but they were fun days none the less.

  4. Relish this memory, enjoy it, savour it, you r 'THE Hero' for your daughter. These days pass away too soon!

  5. Good job Mom!!!! uggg I think I skipped several of those lower numbers LOL...

  6. My college roomie had to wear size 0...altered. Good thing I loved her, 'cause that's just NOT fair. I never saw anything in juniors south of 11. :( Stinkin' height...