Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is It That Time, Already?

Tuesday night officially marked the beginning of what we, in the Ms. Congeniality household, fondly refer to as Jockstrap Season.

It got underway with my attendance at the first Board meeting for the Little League Baseball Association. It is January, I know but; registration for the season starts next month and we had to get our ducks quacking in a row before that so, there we were.

The meeting went about as well as expected; we are a motley crew with no clear direction but hey; I take great notes.

Then, yesterday, I finalized the registration forms for the Pee-Wee wrestling program; we start practice in two weeks. The season’s first tournament is the first weekend in March with a tourney every weekend through the middle of April when the season finally (thankfully, mercifully) ends. This, is really quite convenient considering that baseball practice starts just a week later.

Once baseball season finishes up in, oh, August; it will be time to break out the shoulder pads and, yes- the jockstrap- for football.

After some mathematical wizardry on my part, I have determined that we are engaged in some form of sporting endeavor with the Man-Cub for ten months out of the year.

And I’m proud to say that his penis is protected the entire time hence, the term "Jockstrap Season".

I could also refer to it as That Time of the Year When Chelle is Super Busy and More Than a Little Bit Bitchy but, you know, Jockstrap Season just flows off the tongue ever so much more eloquently.

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