Monday, January 12, 2009

Better Busy Than Bored, I Always Say

And, boy, am I busy.

After weeping into my coffee over the Man-Cub’s weak eye muscles for just long enough to feel like an emotional retard; I actually picked up the phone to make an appointment with the behavioral optometrist and I now feel 100% better (thank you for the comments, by the way). I have faith that we will actually get this problem under control and that the Cub will be the better for it.

On a totally different subject yet still on the topic of how busy I am, Friday I drove to the neighboring city to have my car’s rear windshield wiper squirty-thingie looked at since it was not so much squirting anymore. Emily went with me and, while the car was being serviced, we spent some quality time roaming the mall; I would call it shopping but that would require me to have actually purchased items which, not so much. But, we had a nice time window-shopping.

The car dealership took approximately a hundred years to finish the repair which essentially boiled down to tightening the hose that runs from the windshield wiper fluid reservoir to the back windshield. When I picked up the car, Emily and I headed to Sam’s club where we intended to actually shop and low and behold, the Service Engine light came on in the car. So, back to the dealership we went. The service technician assured me that it was a false reading, reset the light and we were back on our way.

Of course, once I got home, the light came back on so; guess who gets to drive an hour back to neighboring city this Wednesday to have the problem “fixed” again?

Yep! Good guess.

So, that makes for one additional chore to do this week. Today is Monday which is, of course, the busiest day for me at the store. Tomorrow I have both a service club meeting and a baseball association meeting (baseball! Already! Kill me. Kill me, now). Wednesday is the aforementioned trip to the “car repairman” and Thursday I have an appointment to see my new primary care physician for a full physical and blood panel (oh joy!).

Then, Friday, glorious Friday, the children and I are driving to Denver.

The trip to Denver is the most enjoyable thing on my To Do list, I assure you. My sister, Melimel and I are going out to dinner and to see The Color Purple at the Buell Theater. I am stoked.

So, I just have to get the rest of this week over with, distasteful duties and all.

As I said, at least I won’t be bored.


  1. Oh - The Color Purple. At a real theater with real adults. I am green with envy! That will be soooo nice!!

  2. I can't wait!!! I know we are going to have sooo much fun.. and I promise NOT to talk during the play!!! LOL