Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Only the Lazy Resort to Blogging in Bullet Points

So, yeah, um....guilty as charged.

-Hugh tilled my vegetable garden last night despite the fact that we are supposed to get another winter storm this week. I think he is almost as anxious for warmer weather as I am, no doubt because he is dying to get the boat out of storage, don his captain's hat and take to the water.

-Now that the garden has been tilled and fertilized, I'm starting to get excited about gardening again even though last year's efforts produced only a steady harvest of anxiety and stress. Still, I have to have some faith in my cultivating abilities, after all, I have managed to grow an impressive crop of zits on my chin just this month, alone. Surely that says something.

-Hugh and I had to discipline The Teenager for abusing her text messaging privileges. She racked up 12,000 texts last month and more than a few of them occurred during school hours or well past her bedtime. We have installed some parental controls on her service and her messaging will be monitored closely from now on.

-I then had to discipline Hugh for conducting the discussion with The Teenager more like an interrogation than a simple discussion. In fact, I suggested that, next time, we place her in a chair under an excrutiatingly bright light with a tray of bamboo slivers at hand. He was duly chagrined.

-I am on day 3 of the 30 Day Shred and, holy Hannah, I'm sore. But, I haven't succumbed to the siren call of the chocolate in the children's Easter baskets and I am proud of my ability to make good choices; soon, my body will be detoxed into a state of utter purity. Then, maybe my face will get the memo and the zit crop will wither and die, die, I say!

-The Man-Cub has vision therapy again today followed by baseball practice. In a surprising turn of events, the child has decided to try pitching in addition to his role as second baseman. One can only hope that the vision therapy contributes to improved accuracy in his pitches because, currently, they are more likely to hit a batter in the head than the bat somewhat less than consistent in their accuracy.

-I believe I was a diplomat in another life.

-I have cut back considerably on my intake of Diet Pepsi since Lent ended. And, by considerably, I mean, not really very much at all. Oh, Diet Pepsi, I wish I could quit you.

-On the other hand, drinking Diet Pepsi keeps me from eating puffy sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles so, disregard what I just said, Diet Pepsi, you know I love you.

-I'm supposed to be working right now and, instead, I am blogging in bullet points. see above: LAZY.


  1. I'm sorry - I didn't get past the 12,000 text messages. My whole life (ahead of me with these two kids of mine) just flashed in front of me. And it wasn't good.

  2. WOW--12,000 texts, and I thought my 300 a month was impressive! don't people talk on the phone anymore?!?!

    I am sure Diet Pepsi knows you will be faithful forever!